Personalized Representation During Challenging Times

Brian Prendergast is a qualified family law attorney and personal injury lawyer with more than three decades of experience. On behalf of southern Louisiana residents, he provides personalized representation during difficult times.

Extensive And Expansive Litigation Experience

While many divorce and car crash cases settle, many legal disputes are too contested to resolve through negotiation. Brian Prendergast is a skilled trial attorney who has litigated cases before district, juvenile and appellate courts throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes.

A specific section of our firm is dedicated exclusively to assisting personal injury clients. Brian Prendergast's staff provides personalized and attentive service to his clients and regularly employs experts to assist in maximizing elements of liability and evaluating damages and personal injury suffered by his clients. The legal team consults with medical, radiological, engineers, forensic pathologists, life care planners, physical and occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and paralegal/nurse practitioners.

At our Baton Rouge law office, we take the time to get to know you and the legal issues you face. From there, we customize strategies with a focus on the best possible result. The end of a marriage or a catastrophic motor vehicle accident creates uncertainty. The life you once knew is changing. You need skilled and compassionate legal representation.

Experienced In Litigation When Settlements Fail

For the help you need from a skilled trial lawyer, contact Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., online, or call 225-291-7000.