Protecting The Best Interests Of Children

The end of a marriage is a life-changing time where one household splits into two. Children are a casualty of divorce as they face an equal amount of uncertainty. Their peace of mind is paramount. Every decision made involving custody and support agreements must be in your child's best interest.

At Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., we will help you navigate through the emotionally charged and legally complex process that comes with divorce. Our job is to educate you on the law and your options and formulate a plan specifically based upon your unique circumstances. We want you to make good decisions and focus on the well-being of your children.

Placing Children First In Custody Agreements

Custody is based on the schedules and circumstances of the parents with the presumption that equal time is best for your children. With the courts committed to placing the best interests of children first, deviations are considered based on various factors and should be carefully analyzed and customized to the particular work schedules, school locations, distances between the parent's homes and other circumstances.

In many cases, 50-50 co-parenting is not an option. A mother or father may be unable to provide basic necessities or may be suffering from physical or mental health problems.

Numerous variations of custodial schedules have been implemented and recognized by the Courts and should be carefully considered in allocating custodial periods or time between the parents and the child.

Personalized Legal Advocacy Focused On Your Children's Best Interests

Child support agreements are determined by calculating your spouse's income and debts. Exceptions exist that can increase or reduce the amount of assistance your child receives. While strict statutes exist, we will treat your case individually and attend to every detail of the support agreement.

Whether you are paying or receiving, family law attorney Brian Prendergast will ensure that all of your children's needs are met.

Taking On All Aspects Of Highly Personal Legal Problems

You deal with the fallout of divorce that affects your children. We will take on all aspects of your custody agreement and all aspects of your divorce. For more information, email a lawyer at our Baton Rouge law firm, or call 225-291-7000.