Taking On The Challenges Of Property Division

For more than 30 years, family law attorney Brian Prendergast has represented southern Louisiana residents facing an uncertain future. Their marriage is ending and they need help securing the finances and property they need to move forward.

At Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., we will handle all aspects of your property division case and provide you the peace of mind you need.

Taking On The Challenges Of Marital Property Division

One of the more important divorce-related decisions you will make involves your marital assets and debts. Community property often goes beyond real estate, motor vehicles and other tangible property. 401(k)s and other retirement plans are also subject to division between you and your spouse.

Taking a detail-oriented approach, we identify community versus separate property and assess the value of the assets. Our goal is to achieve a proper and fair division that considers valuations, contributions and reimbursements.

Committed To Overcoming The Obstacles You Face

With the goal of achieving equal net value, property division can become a highly disputed aspect of divorce. Disagreements may arise with you and your spouse. Mediation is an effective way to find resolution peacefully. However, if necessary, we will pursue litigation if compromise is unsuccessful to achieve a fair and equitable property partition and division.

Regardless of your socioeconomic background or status in life, we are committed to representing you fairly and honestly. Regardless of the opposition's resources and notoriety, we are never intimidated. For you, the stakes are far too high. We will face all challenges and pursue the best possible outcome.

Helping You Achieve The Peace Of Mind You Need

While divorce creates uncertainty in your life, we strive to provide the security you need through fair and equitable property and asset division. Email a lawyer at Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., in Baton Rouge. You can also call us at 225-291-7000.