Finding Resolution Through Cooperation

Mediation gives you say in the outcome of your divorce. Instead of placing your destiny in the hands of a judge, you and your spouse can find a middle ground in a cooperative compromise that may result in a joint and mutual decision concerning the best interest of your child. Minimizing arguments and identifying issues where there is agreement can achieve the best possible outcome and foster a more amicable resolution.

Take Control Of Your Future Through Divorce Mediation

At Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., we can help you achieve "win-win" solutions that:

  • Find faster resolutions to disputes
  • Save money and preserve assets
  • Reduce acrimony between spouses
  • Minimize the stress that comes with divorce

Negotiating custody, support and other agreements can provide greater peace of mind while looking out for your children's best interests. Cooperation with your spouse through mediation can also set the tone for your post-divorce life. By not going to trial, you may save money in litigation expenses and court fees. You can also limit the acrimony between you and your ex-spouse so that you may start the next chapter of your life.

The Help You Need From A Trained Mediator And Experienced Attorney

Brian Prendergast has witnessed the benefits of mediation. He is a divorce lawyer who combines experience and success in helping couples find a middle ground while looking out for the best interests of their children.

By serving as a neutral, third-party mediator, he can facilitate alternative dispute resolution, advise you on the law, and keep you on track.

Learn About The Rewarding Process Of Mediation Today

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