Bringing Certainty To An Uncertain Future

As you enter the next chapter of your life following a divorce, you want a sense of personal and financial security. Money-related matters can create stress between you and your spouse. At Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., we are dedicated to make an uncertain future more certain.

Divorce Should Not Affect Your Lifestyle Or Financial Security

The objective of alimony is to keep both spouses on equal financial footing. Interim spousal support or interim alimony helps to maintain the status quo, providing assistance once a divorce is filed until the final Judgment is obtained. It serves to maintain the lifestyle one spouse enjoyed during the marriage.

Financial support during the process allows spouses to stay current on bills and other financial obligations. Amounts are determined based on the needs of the claimant spouse and the ability to pay by the other spouse.

Upon finalization of a divorce, the interim support may be extended or become permanent if additional assistance is necessary and dependent upon certain specific circumstances and factors as defined by Louisiana law. At Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., we can assist in the exploration of the factors that may justify an extension of the spousal support obligation paid by the other spouse.

Dedicated To Your Peace Of Mind Now And In The Future

Brian Prendergast combines experience in spousal support negotiations with a comprehensive knowledge of Louisiana law. Whether you are pursuing alimony or defending your ability to pay, you need an attorney who can navigate you through the process.

From the moment we take on your case, we focus on the best possible outcome. If you are receiving spousal support, we will pursue the maximum amount you are entitled to. If you are paying alimony, we will ensure that the amount of alimony does not negatively impact your financial stability.

Taking A Dedicated And Results-Driven Approach To Your Divorce

Prepare for the next chapter of your life, confident that a skilled family lawyer is handling all aspects of your divorce. Contact Prendergast Law Firm, L.L.C., at 225-291-7000 or email our Baton Rouge law firm.